Nancy Greene Year End Festival


As the sun began to rise for the day, so did the anticipation the athletes felt.  As they began arriving in the chalet, the hustle and bustle of the volunteers began and things were on their way.  Athletes began to gear up in boots, helmets and bibs. The excitement began to grow, the energy pulsating through the room of racers.

Contenders came from near and far.  Athletes from the Regina Ski Club, Qu’apelle Valley Ski Club, Prince Albert Ski Club, Wapiti Ski Club, Northern Ridge Blizzards from Cold Lake and an athlete from Golden Kicking Horse Ski Club joined the Table Mountain Ski Club on their home turf.

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The first day of competition was a team timed event.  Racers ran through the course twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  The athletes ranged in age from 5 years old up to 14 years old.  Each athlete raced through the slalom course vying for fastest time in their age group.  Scores were calculated with top times in each age group in the male and female divisions.  While times were calculated and added up, athletes continued working on their skills, skiing with friends and testing out the different runs.  Jackets were swapped for sweaters as the day warmed up and parents mingled and visited on the balcony of the chalet awaiting the results.  The younger athletes, played on the sliding hill and all the volunteers continued with their duties.


The time for awards arrived and the athletes waited in anticpation as announcements were read out.  A volunteer race is never complete without support and the support the Table Mountain Ski Club received from local businesses was outstanding.  Our major sponsors included Finning Canada, Norsask Farm, Cargill, Ace Lumber Meadow Lake, Kramer Auctions, Synergy Credit Union-Maidstone, North West Parts & Service, and additional sponsors included Silverwood Toyota, Discovery Co-op, BJ’s Office Plus, McDonald’s, Tim Horton’s, Sobey’s, Battleford Furniture, Sasktel, Viterra.

We also wouldn’t be able to host such amazing races without the support we receive from the Table Mountain Regional Park itself, they have always been so accomodating to our events over the years and their staff so supportive, we really are kind of lucky to have what we have.

On our first day of racing, Table Mountain captured 1 st place, 2nd place Regina, 3rd place Northern Ridge Blizzards, 4th place Qu’appelle, 5th place Prince Albert and 6th place Wapiti.


It was a great day and there was more to come, Sunday was to be a fun day with a duals competition.

The same atmosphere began Sunday as had happened on Saturday.  We were greeted to the same beautiful weather as the previous day and about the only thing that changed was the course.  A grueling set of courses had been positioned on the race run, identical to each other with jumps and rollers.  A kinderkombi style course.  The kids raced each other, the first to cross the finish line scored 2 points for their team.  It was a dual to the end and it was anybody’s game.  The pairing of athlete’s was a great match up, many were paired with their closest rivals and some with their team mates.

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The set up for duals is pretty simple, if you run the blue course on the first run, you run the red course on your second run.  Many athlete’s flew over the jumps and bounced over the rollers.  A few fantastic wipe out’s made for loud cheers of “ooh’s” followed by cheers of encouragement.  The cowbell’s clanked from the sideline’s cheering the athlete’s on.  Fun was had by all and even some of the old time racers from days gone by and coaches joined in the fun at the end and tested out the course.

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The volunteer’s packed up and all that was left to do was to hand out some awards.  Table Mountain took 1st place again with Regina following in 2nd place, a tie for 3rd place was between Wapiti & Qua’ppelle Valley and 4th place was the Northern Ridge Blizzards, 5th place Prince Albert, 6th place was a lone racer from the Golden Kicking Horse club in BC (she lives in Saskatoon, races in BC).

Sask Alpine delivered their yearly awards with Coach of the year going to Sarah from Qu’apelle valley and Volunteer of the year award going to our own member Stacey Hesjedal.

It was a great race to end the year.  We still have two more club events to go before we offically hang up the ski’s, but for a year end race, we couldn’t have asked for a better event!

Enjoy the snow before it’s gone!



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