Waxing Your Ski’s and Boards


As we all wait for lessons to begin, now is a great time to get your equipment ready if you haven’t already.  Most of us, probably come home from the end of the season, wipe off our skis or boards, put it away and never think about it again, until the weather turns cold the following winter.

Waxing your skis is an important part of maintenace and is a huge advantage when skiing through the different conditions.  Have you ever gone skiing and the weather was beautiful and you go to take your first run and it feels like your skis stick to the snow?  That is your wax my friend!

I have found a great how to article on waxing your skis and boards, so follow the link to check it out : http://www.evo.com/how-to-wax-skis-and-snowboards.aspx

Enjoy the snow!



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